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About Us

D&D Pharmatech is a clinical-stage global biotech company that funds the development of revolutionary medicines through disease-specific subsidiary companies founded and guided by top-tier medical research faculty. This corporate structure creates a unique opportunity to accelerate translation of cutting-edge research into lifesaving therapeutic products for patients. The company’s product pipeline focuses on a range of indications including neurodegenerative and fibrotic diseases as well as application of big data in CNS drug research and diagnostics. D&D Pharmatech is the parent company of U.S.-based Neuraly, Precision Molecular, Valted Seq, Theraly Fibrosis and P4 Microbiome.

Therapeutic Focus

  • Neurodegenerative
  • Molecular Imaging
    & Radiotherapy
  • Diagnostics
    & CNS Big Data
  • Fibrotic
  • Metabolic

D&D Companies

Building a global biotech company

D&D runs global product development operations via multiple partnerships and owns subsidiaries focused on specific therapeutic areas. D&D is a technology and financial holding company that operates at two research and development sites: Korea (Pangyo) and U.S. (Gaithersburg, MD).

D&D Pharmatech was founded in 2014 in Korea and expanded to the U.S. through research and development collaborations with multiple scientific co-founders from academia and industry.

Neuraly is a clinical-stage company whose mission is to translate scientific discoveries in neurology into revolutionary new drugs that can radically improve and prolong the lives of people suffering from the devasting consequences of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease (PD), Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Neuraly was founded in 2016 to translate foundational research by world class neuroscientists into therapies for patients. Led by Ted M. Dawson, MD, PhD, Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Professor and Director of Institute for Cell Engineering at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Neuraly has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the role of glia biology in neuroinflammation and neuroprotection as well as success in advancing a risk-diversified product portfolio for PD and AD.

NLY01, the lead asset, is a long-acting, microglia-targeted GLP-1R agonist that targets microglia/astrocytes-induced neuroinflammation and has proven strong therapeutic efficacy in preclinical models of both PD and AD. NLY01 is currently in Phase 2 in early Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients. Neuraly is advancing IND-enabling studies of follow-up small molecule candidates with different but complementary mechanisms for PD and AD.
Precision Molecular
Precision Molecular (PMI) is a clinical-stage company with the mission to develop imaging biomarkers and theranostics (targeted therapy combined with diagnostics) for management of patients with CNS disorders and cancer.

PMI was founded in 2019 to translate the innovative research by world class radiologists led by Martin G. Pomper, MD., PhD, Henry N. Wagner, Jr. Professor and Director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. PMI’s foundational intellectual property was developed by his renown radiology research team, known as the Precision Molecular Imaging Coalition.

PMI features various imaging biomarker products in the clinic with great potential to improve early diagnostics of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Utilizing these imaging biomarkers to follow disease progression may provide clinical researchers with powerful tools for early assessment of drug efficacy in clinical trials. For example, PMI04, a microglia-targeted PET/SPECT agent, is under investigation in patients with PD, AD and ALS. PMI06, a PD-L1-targeted PET agent, is entering Phase 1 in cancer patients who are eligible for immunotherapy.
Valted Seq
Valted Seq is focused on the discovery of neurodegenerative pathways and biomarkers to inform and accelerate development of new therapeutics and diagnostics, including companion diagnostics which play a critical role in enabling advanced therapeutics. To achieve this, the company has created the world’s largest repository of single-cell sequencing data from high-quality, clinically characterized brain tissues of patients with neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Valted Seq was founded in 2019 by Prof. Valina L. Dawson, Ph.D. and Ted M. Dawson, MD, PhD, a prominent husband-wife research team at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, based on the belief that a deeper understanding of neurodegenerative pathways is essential to develop precision therapeutics and identify novel biomarkers to diagnose, guide therapies and monitor some of our most challenging and devastating diseases.

The ongoing collection and comprehensive analysis of thousands of brain tissue samples using Valted Seq’s state-of-the-art single-cell analysis technology, HiF-Seq 2.0, combined with advanced big data analytics and machine learning will support a number of projects including development of a first-in-class liquid biopsy assay for blood-based biomarkers for detection and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease.
Theraly Fibrosis
Theraly is a preclinical-stage company whose mission is to develop innovative treatments for various forms of life-threatening fibrotic disease.

Theraly was founded in 2015 to translate lab discoveries for fibrosis therapy led by Seulki Lee, PhD, Associate Professor of Radiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Theraly’s founding programs are based on the discoveries of Dr. Lee’s research team, whose pioneering research elucidated a TRAIL biology pathway underlying the origins of disease in tissue remodeling and fibrosis. The company is focused on developing a potentially universal anti-fibrotic drug.

The lead asset TLY012, a human protein-based DR5 agonist, selectively targets myofibroblasts, one of the significant originators of fibrosis, and reverses established fibrosis in preclinical models of fibrosis in liver, pancreas, and skin. TLY012 has the potential to cure fibrotic diseases, including systemic sclerosis, liver fibrosis/cirrhosis, and chronic pancreatitis, as well as fibrosis driven cancers. TLY012 received US orphan drug status for systemic sclerosis and chronic pancreatitis and is currently entering a Phase 1 clinical trial.
P4 Microbiome is a clinical-stage company with the mission of developing microbiome-focused therapies for large unmet medical needs.

The lead asset, P4M01, is a powerful antimicrobial peptide in-licensed from the US Army with proven safety and efficacy in Phase 1/2A clinical studies of periodontal disease. Pre-clinical studies are advancing therapies for pain in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The company was co-founded in 2019 by Pankaj “Jay” Pasricha, MD, Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Neurogastroenterology, and Phillip Phan, PhD, Alonzo and Virginia Decker Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship.
In addition to the companies above, D&D Pharmatech’s drug discovery program is focused on unmet medical needs that include diabetes, obesity and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) – conditions affecting millions of people worldwide. Among others, DD01, a long-acting dual receptor agonist, is in a Phase 1/2A in patients with obesity/diabetes and NASH. DD02, an orally active GLP-1R agonist, is entering IND-enabling studies.



Seulki Lee, PhD

Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, D&D Pharmatech

  • - Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Science, Ophthalmology, Oncology and Center for Nanomedicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Leave of Absence)
  • - Former Leader, Theranostic Nanomedicine Section, National Institutes of Health

Viktor Roschke, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, D&D Pharmatech, Neuraly and Theraly Fibrosis

  • - Over 20 years of experience in drug development as senior executive in biotech companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals and Human Genome Sciences

Sungmook Lim, PhD

Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer, D&D Pharmatech

  • - Former Research Professor at the School of Pharmacy, Sungkyunkwan University

Sunghoon Hong, KICPA

Chief Financial Officer, D&D Pharmatech

  • - Over twenty years of experience in executive roles at financial institutions such as Dongkoo BioPharm, EastBridge Partners, and STIC Investment

Martin G. Pomper, MD, PhD

Founder and interim Chief Scientific Officer, Precision Molecular

  • - Henry N. Wagner, Jr. Professor, Director, Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
  • - Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship and Technology Development, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Valina L. Dawson, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Valted Seq

  • - Director, Neuroregeneration and Stem Cell Programs, Institute for Cell Engineering
  • - Professor of Neurology / Neuroscience / Physiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Ted M. Dawson, MD, PhD

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Valted Seq

  • - Director, Institute for Cell Engineering
  • - Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Professor in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Kang Choon Lee, PhD

Founder, D&D Pharmatech

  • - Former, Haengdan Distinguished Professor, School of Pharmacy, SungKyunKwan University


Adam Bell, PhD

Vice President Regulatory Affairs Neuraly

Barbara Rempe, SHRM-CP

Human Resource Manager Neuraly

Celia Baula, PMP, MBA

R&D Program Management Neuraly

Daniel Lee, MS

Executive Director
Clinical Affairs

Don Ho, PhD

Intellectual Property Neuraly

Dong Ik Lee, PhD

Principal Scientist
Drug Discovery

Isabell Loftin, PhD

Vice President
Valted Seq

JinSik Kim, CPA

Accounting and Finance
D&D Pharmatech

Joshua Yang, MS

Business Development
D&D Pharmatech

Mohammad N Ranjbar, PhD

Valted Seq

Nayoung Louie, PhD


Nina Urban, MS, MBA

Vice President
Alliance Management

Okcheol Jeon, PhD

Principal Scientist
Drug Discovery
D&D Pharmatech

Pankaj J.
Pasricha, MD

Clinical Advisor
P4 Microbiome

Philip Phan, PhD

Strategic Advisor
P4 Microbiome

Pyung Ah Park

Internal Auditor/Legal Counsel
D&D Pharmatech

Sheri Fan, CPA

Accounting and Finance

Svetlana Sosnovtseva, MS

Senior Director
Assay Development

Yen Lin, PhD

Executive Director


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  • D&D Pharmatech is building a powerhouse of innovation led by a team of highly motivated professionals.
  • We value an attitude of curiosity and creativity towards problem solving as we stride forward with our novel therapies for high unmet medical needs.
  • We dream of a world where people with severe diseases are living fulfilled lives.
  • We hope to invite you to our journey of creation.

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